Types of Investments and their Definitions

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At present, savings accounts are no longer seen as mere places for saving money. Savings accounts generally have a deposit feature.

Time deposit is one of the products for saving money in a bank, which withdrawals can only be made after the selected time has passed.

The interest rate on this deposit is higher than the interest rate for a regular savings account. As for the choice of time period, starting from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and so on.

A savings or time deposit account is a stable type of investment due to the guarantee of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), a government institution that oversees and regulates customer deposits in banks.

Additionally, investing your money in a deposit or savings account helps you avoid inflation with interest rates rather than keeping your money under the mattress.

If you are interested in investing your capital in deposits, you should first learn the ins and outs of calculating deposit interest.

By setting aside income every month, you will get a profit. The greater the amount of your investment, the greater the profit that will be generated.

Forex Investing

Investing in forex or foreign exchange (forex) in the currency market can be an exciting hobby and a lucrative source of income.

Did you know that every day about $ 5 trillion in forex is traded?

You can start with a few hundred dollars, such as $ 100- $ 200 only. You can certainly imagine the benefits that can be obtained without using a lot of capital at the start.

In the forex market, you have to predict where a foreign currency, such as the dollar or euro will fluctuate so that you can carry out the buying and selling process, and that’s where you can make a profit. Sounds fun right?

You also need to have good analytical skills to understand safe investing and understand various statistical indicators. So, this activity also requires a precise and accurate analysis.

Foreign exchange trading takes place 24 hours a day, and currency fluctuations come from central bank decisions, world events and anything else that can shake the economy.

One of the easiest ways to start trading on the foreign exchange market is to take your time in foreign exchange training for beginners. Today many forex trading training courses can be found on the internet.

Generally, forex brokerage companies also provide demo accounts before investing your capital.

With such a demo account, you can get an overview of the forex trading process and a good basis for starting forex trading.

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If your forex trading results are good with a demo account, it means that you are suitable for this investment, and you can open a real forex account too.

One of the recommended forex trading platforms for you to try is ExpertOption.

Stock investment

There are still many ordinary people who have the view that only investors who have large capital can own shares.

However, you should get rid of this thought because investors who have minimal capital can also start investing in the stock exchange. So, the stock market is not only for investors who have large pockets, Financer’s friends.

With an initial capital of around hundreds of thousands of rupiah, you can buy shares in a company. Automatically, you will also become part of the owner of the company because your money is used for the development of the company.

When you invest in the company for a long time and the company develops and generates a lot of profit, the profits you receive will also increase because the company distributes its profits in the form of dividends.

For beginner investors, you should choose blue chip stocks (LQ45). Blue chips here are large companies whose profits are stable, are heavily traded and have been on the stock exchange for a long time.

However, if you are not sure and have a lot of time managing funds, you can use stock brokerage services provided by any stock brokerage company.

Of course, there is a commission that must be given to stockbrokers if you are successful in getting profit from each transaction of your shares.

Stock exchange or stock market trading may be the first way of investing for everyone.

While the stock exchange requires some research and some care should be taken, investing in the stock market is one of the most profitable ways to grow your bankroll.

For those of you who are interested but are still confused about how to get started, you can take a free course on stocks at the Capital Market School organized by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Bond Investments

Bonds are debt securities issued by the government or companies as a form of borrowing money and as a promise to pay back the principal and interest, which are commonly called “coupons”.

If you invest in bonds, then you have no ownership of what you are investing, such as stocks. You only act as a lender to the government or company.

So, the principal that you lent will be returned along with the interest to you. So far, bonds are considered a type of investment that is quite safe but the profits generated are lower than the stock exchange.

Mutual Fund Investments

Mutual funds are fund management containers intended for investors to invest in stocks or bonds from various companies available on the capital market.

If you are a beginner investor in mutual funds, you can start with a small capital, starting from IDR 100,000.

The procedure is also quite easy. You only need to choose a mutual fund product that suits your financial situation, then choose an investment manager, read the prospectus.

Then make a purchase (subscription) and finally transfer funds. You can buy mutual funds through a designated bank agent or through an investment manager.

When you agree to invest in mutual funds, the money will be managed by the Investment Manager.

The choice of mutual fund products includes a variety, ranging from equity funds, money market mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds, index mutual funds, mixed mutual funds, and ETF mutual funds.

Opening a mutual fund account is almost the same as opening a savings account at a bank. A

You are required to prepare funds, fill out forms, and attach a photocopy of your identity. Mutual funds are calculated based on participation units (UP) and net asset value (NAV).

For example, if you buy XYZ mutual fund as many as 1,000 units at a NAV price of Rp1,300. So, you have to deposit IDR 1.3 million along with a commission.

When company XYZ’s NAV price rises to Rp1,500 at the end of the year, and you decide to sell it, then the profit you will get is Rp.200,000 (not commission and taxes).

Conversely, if the NAV price drops to Rp1,000, you will lose Rp.300,000 (along with commissions and taxes).

Each month, your manager of choice will send you a mutual fund report. The report is evidence of your mutual fund ownership.

Gold Investment

Gold investment is still the prima donna in the eyes of the Indonesian people. With not much capital and the ability to see the market price, anyone can benefit from buying this gold.

You can buy gold in the smallest units. Over time, you can add to your gold and use various strategies to earn even more profits.

For example, by selling your gold when the market price is high. The profits from selling gold can be used to buy more gold.

Unfortunately, gold investment is still less profitable than other investments, such as stocks, bonds, property, peer to peer lending and mutual funds. You should not have more than 10-15% of your investment in gold.

This is because the price of gold only rises when there is a crisis, war or disaster. In addition, gold does not provide a smooth cash flow like other investments. You can only make a profit when you sell your gold again.

If you want to make profits in the long term, it is better to buy gold in bullion.

Gold bars that are as small as 50 grams are generally more “expensive” than large gold bars over 50 grams.

However, selling small gold bars is easier because the market is wider.

You will get more profit if you sell your gold directly to buyers such as family members or friends than if you sell it to a gold shop.

Property Investment

You can start investing in property by looking for a used house at a price of IDR 500 million and below. Apart from being able to lease out property, it is also easier for you to find buyers at this price.

When you buy property, look for properties that are in a “living” area, not a quiet area. In addition, choose an area close to transportation facilities, schools, dictionaries, and shopping.

Before buying your property, make sure the person who sells or the developer where you buy is trusted by including important documents, such as the Sale and Purchase Deed, Ownership Certificate, Building Permit, Girik and so on.

You can also use mortgage financing to repay the desired property if your funds are not sufficient to pay off the property.

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P)

Last but not least, this Peer to Peer Lending (P2P Lending) investment is a new and unique investment breakthrough because it connects investors or lenders to businesses and the general public online.

Almost similar to bonds, Peer to Peer Lending provides money loans to business people for business capital or business development. However, you don’t have ownership of what you invest, such as stocks.

Generally, the benefits of P2P lending are short term. This is because you can only invest in the range of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. With capital starting from IDR 10,000 you can invest in Mintos and Crowde.

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